This conference is designed to take the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology forward into the 21st century. The future is changing so rapidly with technology, social media and finances. There are many techniques and research that make astrology useful in these times.

The presentations will give new information, never revealed before. World predictions for 2020, building your brand through social media – these are just a few of the ground-breaking topics you will be hearing about. A modern look at relationships, marriage and love will shed light on the future generations. In depth classes about the Sudarshana Chakra, the significance of moon in Vedic Astrology, Introduction to Jaimini system etc are also part of the wonderful line-up . The world is evolving and this is the conference that addresses the changing times.

Many students have met online and now is the time to finally meet in person. Joni Patry as the sponsor of this conference invites everyone to her home for dinner Saturday night for a personal celebration. This is a small, intimate conference so space in very limited.

Looking forward to our special weekend of union, fun and progressive learning of the secrets of Vedic Astrology