As Vedic astrology (Jyotish) becomes more mainstream in the West, people from all walks of life are increasingly coming to Vedic astrologers seeking practical solutions to their life problems. One of the most important aspects of Vedic astrology with which we can assist our clients lies in the field of upaya, Sanskrit for “skillful means toward liberation.” Upaya refers to the use of methods to remediate less beneficial astrological combinations and to enhance more favorable ones. The fact that we have upaya at all is evidence that Vedic astrology isn’t a deterministic or fatalistic system. Rather, it’s a free-will system that encourages people to make constructive changes as a way of adjusting karmic patterns.
The Vedic astrologer recommends upayas according to an array of factors based on the natal and progressed horoscope as well as the personal preferences of each individual. In this current rapidly changing age and as we look toward the future, it is important for the Vedic astrologer to draw upon a wide variety of astrological karmic remedies to share with clients. I have found that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another, as each individual is unique with specific requirements and predilections.
I’ve also noticed that some of my clients are not at all interested in the philosophy of Vedic astrology and are not willing to try most of more traditional remedies like gems; pujas; yantras; mantra, meditation, and other spiritual practices. As much as many of us still believe in and fall back on these older traditions, we have to be realistic and meet people where they are, meaning we have to be there to serve their distinctive needs. This involves fine-tuning the remedies to fit each person’s lifestyle and more contemporary ideology.
In this class, I will be discussing some of the more traditional remedies as well as more innovative ones that might not be as familiar. Some of the more modern upayas include gem elixirs, essential oils, and flower essences; nutritional and dietary suggestions (including Ayurveda but also more); practical magic; ancestral healing; energy, sound, and electro-magnetic healing remedies; psychotherapy and life-coaching; referrals to traditional or holistic/alternative healing practitioners; and other various health, career, and lifestyle recommendations.