Ronnie will focus on two important and often little understood Vargas—the Drekkana (D-3), which is used for siblings, health, and strength (mental and physical), and the Trimshamsha (D-30), which confers good/bad luck and was used in traditional Strijataka (women’s astrology). We will also look at the 36 Drekkana symbols, and challenges and difficulties that are brought about by the lords of the 22nd Drekkana from Ascendant and 64th Navamsha from the Moon. We will also investigate the deeper meaning of the Sarpa (serpent) Drekkanas, which are often related to addiction, compulsive behavior, and challenges that need to be overcome. They span the last Drekkana of Cancer (20-30 degrees), the first Drekkana of Scorpio (1-10 degrees), and the last Drekkana of Pisces (20-30 degrees). All of these ancient placements and techniques are relevant today.